Mommy Tip: Diaper Bag

I am a mother of triplets, so things can get a little hectic at times. However, having even a singleton can cause a bad case of “mommy brain”.

Help yourself out by making a list of items needed in your diaper bag and post them somewhere easily visable. Then when you are rushed and have a crying child (or 2 or 3), you can go down your checklist and feel confident you have everything you need before you leave the house.

Hands On Play

A few paper towel rolls, tape, a pom pom, a pebble and a fruit pouch lid and we were ready to roll…literally!20160104_152529Each of my children took turns with the different items to drop into the top of our shoot.20160104_152743They enjoyed listening to the thunk of the pebble, the plop of the lid, and the silence of the pom pom amazed them each and every time. 20160104_152805I placed a plastic container at the bottom to catch the items.

This kept them busy and happy for 15 minutes. Of course, I supervised them the entire time. These items are small and could be swallowed if you don’t keep your eyes on your little one(s).20160104_152634So, besides the loads of fun we had, were there other benefits? ABSOLUTELY!! We focused on language development skills. I would say “drop” when they took their item to the top of the shoot. I also used the following words where appropriate during our play: down, top, pebble, pom pom and lid. This was also a perfect science learning experience about gravity. Remember, children are learning even when we don’t realize it.

Give this simple activity a try and let me know how it worked out for you.

New Adventure

So this is a new adventure within my new adventure of parenting. I am excited to share the lessons I’ve learn so far with you. Nothing can really prepare you for motherhood, but I hope my insights will make your journey a little smoother.